Plus 500 Review

Before you choose the trading platform to make some money and gain valuable trading experience, it is extremely important to do some essential research. This should not only include the most popular and reliable platforms but most importantly, you should know which trading markets they cater to, which sort of broker handles them and as a trader, whether they fulfill your needs or not. So make sure to analyze the reviews of multiple broker platforms before making your final decision and do not forget that your capital may be at risk, as it is with all brokers.

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Plus500 Trading Platform

Plus500 is a CFD service and should be treated just like that because despite the vast following it has received, as a trader, you should be completely satisfied with the CFD services provided by your trading account. Established more than ten years ago in 2008 and with headquarters located in one of the financial hubs of the world, London, Plus500 is a popular trading platform that has recently gotten regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The most striking feature of this trading platform is that their website can boast of a very convenient and uncluttered interface, which makes it extremely easy for traders to conduct their business. In fact, Plus500 is all set to become one of the largest Forex brokers in the financial markets because of their credentials and experience to back them up.

Plus500 Designed for all traders

It cannot possibly be denied that this type of brokerage account has been designed specifically to meet the needs of new traders who wish to have a no-frills trading experience. This is why users cannot view multiple charts and graphs at the same time, which is available in other broker platforms designed for more experienced traders.

Like other Forex financial trading brokers, the website account and platform by Plus500 offers a very simple and straightforward pack of services and facilities. While many would view that as a lack of resources, this arrangement is actually perfect for traders who do not wish to make a lot of money, rather they want to improve their understanding of Forex trading and related techniques. This is also because they can make decisions clearly using ‘core’ data and without getting confused with a lot of peripheral information.

Another reason why this platform is best for all traders is because it offers mini-accounts in which trade can be done with as little as $100 and a leverage of 200:1. At the same time, the user can get access to real-time financial quotes and global markets using the responsive features on the account of Trailing Stop, Market Orders, Stop Loss, Profit Limit and Entry Limit.

Features and Custom Services of Plus500

In fact, when a trader first runs the Plus500 review, one of the first things that they will notice is the free demo provided by the company. This demo does not have a limited amount of time so the trader can run this demo, learn, and practice placing trades and using the account for as long as they like. It is true that this feature is also found in other platforms and online trading accounts because of its invaluable nature; it nevertheless, makes a good impression on the user of Plus500.

Known as a solitary trading platform, Plus500 is available in three versions all developed in-house; a mobile trading interface, web-based trading interface and a version that can be directly downloaded. This aspect makes the platform extremely favorable because unlike any other broker, with Plus500, the trading services remain consistent in all three versions and the trader can easily switch from one version to another without the need to regroup.

Another feature that makes the account interface easy to use is the provision of all important data and information consolidated into one screen. With such a layout, the user does not have to do a lot of scrolling on the platform to find what they are looking for. On the screen, there are also four tabs from where the trader can get all the information about the trades made in the past as well as the status of current trades. These tabs have been neatly arranged according to the categories of trades like commodities, stocks, CFDs, indices and Forex.

Registering for Plus500 is a completely seamless process as is the actual depositing of money into the account. Therefore, you can practically use money bookers, money transfer and credit card for the process and added to this, withdrawal of funds is pretty much simple as well. Another positive feature is the inclusion of 14 languages to operate the platform giving the broker a wide global trading exposure.

Customer Support

Plus500 offers a very active customer service, which is available around the clock, seven days a week however, this service is offered via email and phone only. While live chat is preferred by some traders, email and phone can be convenient for traders as well. So if you are new to the art of financial trading, this review can prove to be valuable in helping you choose Plus500 broker and use it for learning how to trade.


Once the trader is satisfied with the demo trading, they can always visit the learning center provided for their information. Even though, this learning center is small, it provides essential and basic information about Forex trading. This is important because with the help of this abridged information, the platform is actually providing practical examples to help traders understand the information quickly. For starters, this short and quick lesson in trading is helpful to help them get started but traders who are looking for detailed and comprehensive information about Forex trading, most of which comes in handy at later stages, can also consider other worthy brokers.
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