Is Binary Options a Gamble?

The popularity of binary options has surged tremendously. With more and more investors including them in their investment portfolio, binary options have become easy to articulate and trade because they require less effort on the investor’s part compared to other securities.

Working of Binary Options

If you have never traded in binary options, some information here would be useful. Financial investments such as options are called derivatives because they derive their value from other assets called ‘underlying assets’. These assets have a lot of value and can be bought or sold via options. The word Binary means two, therefore, binary options have only two results. You could either be successful and gain the entire amount you bet for or you could get nothing at all. However, most platforms today offer some refund to investors even if they end up being out of the money.

This prior knowledge of how you will end up makes binary options a ‘little’ more safe compared to other financial instruments and thus famous among investors. Another aspect of these options that has made them popular is the ease in handling them. Websites and trade forums have sprung up online that provide an array of facilities related to binary options. These websites not only provide you with an account to buy options, they also give you complete control of managing them. Keeping track of option movements was never this easy with visual displays, graphs, charts and trend movements that give minute-by-minute updates.

When you decide to make an investment in binary options, doing a research about the way this investment option works is always a good idea. One of the first things to know is how to maneuver your way on a binary options platform.

Steps to Start Your Career in Binary Options Trading

Step 1:

Make an Account: Once you have tracked down a reliable platform to begin trading, you will be asked to make a trader account. This account is your login space on this website, which you access each time you want to see the movements of your investments and decide which options to invest in.

Step 2:

Deposit Money: All your trading dreams need some cash to come true. Before you will be allowed to trade in binary options, you will have to deposit money in this account so that it can be used every time you buy an option or want to trade between two binary options. Some scam websites charge even for making money deposits for trading, therefore, it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of opening an account on a website before you actually start using it.

Step 3:

Start Trading: Once these preliminary steps are completed, you can begin your analysis of which investments to trade. During this process, be sure to view an option from all angles and analyze charts to make sure it is worth investing in. Charts on binary trading platforms are elaborate and show the movements of the options in the past and as expected in the future.

Step 4:

Wait for the Option to Expire: You will make a profit once the option actually expires and you have been correct in your prediction of the valuation of the underlying asset. At this point, after all the monitoring and trend analysis, you will be ready and motivated to make new investments in binary options.

Are Binary Options All Gamble and Risk?

Binary options are financial derivatives with serious trading opportunities in the world of investments. However, because binary options involve predicting the value of the underlying asset, a famous myth that has progressed is that binary options are a form of betting instead of trading. This is only a misconception; however, because there are many aspects of binary options buying and selling that distinguish it from betting and familiarize it with trading.

According to the proponents of this belief, binary option trading does not actually involve buying anything. It is only a bet placed on which direction the price of an asset moves. If the guess is spot on, the buyer of the option will make a profit. However, if the price moves in the opposite direction, he loses. This is certainly a flawed belief because the biggest difference between a gambler and a trader is that a trader has knowledge about the instrument he is about to deal with, while the gambler bases his decision on instinct alone. When you want to trade in a particular option, you analyze its trend; the way price movements have been in the past months and the way they are predicted to move forward, keeping in mind the key factors affecting the price.

Consequently, knowledge is the distinction between trading and betting because more than just a gut feeling, a trader’s decisions are backed by a sound understanding of the movements and fluctuations of asset prices. Following some intellectual strategies and a proper plan of action are the prerequisites of starting binary options trade.

Busting the myth of binary options being equal to gambling, here is another proof. Before you start trading in binary options, a proper procedure has to be followed which has been described above. Making an account, depositing money and then dealing with a professional broker have made this trade highly professional. Choosing which platform to invest in is another step that requires a lot of thought and research. No trade is perfect until you find a broker who understands your aim of trade and works at a similar wavelength as yours. To make it more professional, brokers earn income and profits in the same way as any other business does, therefore, proving that the trade under question is far from a gamble made on whim.


Binary trading is not only about you and your gut feeling, it is about business dealings and a whole lot of knowledge about financial markets and securities and what affects them. Binary options’ trading has been made easy via online forums so that more and more people can get involved in them and learn about investing opportunities. If you find a reliable and trustworthy broker, this trade is the best way to kick start your investing career.

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