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Forex trading may seem like a very fascinating business while standing outside the trading circle but once you are in it you realize that the markets are much more complicated than you presumed them to be. For this reason, it is essential to go the right amount of search before choosing a trading platform. This does not only apply to young traders who are still learning about the markets but also to experienced ones since the market can fluctuate at any time during the day, week or month.
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The first thing to check in trading platforms is the reliability of the platform and the brokers working on it. Apart from this, you need to take into consideration the fees, commission and spread that is charged by each Forex trading platform. The type of market you want to invest your money is another very important aspect that needs to be kept in mind while finalizing the right trading platform for your business.

AvaFX Trading Platform

Operated by Ava capital markets limited, AvaFX trading platform became operational in the 2006 and is currently catering to the trading needs of more than 150,000 customers in around 50 different countries. Apart from its own trading platform, Ava Trading Systems, the company also offers several other more famous platforms as well including Zulu Trade system and Meta trader 4, which are both reliable and easy to use.

The Ava trading platform has two basic versions; one of them has to be downloaded and installed on your system while the other one can be operated directly from the website. The user interface of the trading platform allows you to configure your options based on your preferences and there are a lot of options in the API library that allow you to personalize the platform exactly the way you want it to be.

Apart from this, the platform is directly connected to online links for updates on the changes in the Forex markets. A section contains all the changes in the Forex market in the past one month or year in the form of charts. Similarly, real time fluctuations are also recorded as they happen and a chart is created so that it is easier for traders to analyze the trend.

The trading platform also offers free market analysis and discussion rooms where experienced traders can exchange their ideas and analysis.

Options in Trading Accounts

Using Ava trading does not limit you to one trading platform, instead you have the option of going for alternative platforms as well including Ava mobile trading, mirror trader Currensee, Zulutrader, Ayondo and Ava java.

As far as the trading account types are concerned, there are several options for both new and experienced traders. There are four basic types of accounts that are offered by Ava Traders; the smallest one of these is the silver account that requires you to have a minimum deposit amount of $100. Followed by silver package is the gold account that requires you to have a minimum balance of at least 1000. After this, the platinum package has a minimum requirement of $10,000 while the VIP account is for experienced traders with a minimum deposit of at least 50,000 dollars. In addition, various bonuses offered are also made regularly for the customers.

Fees & Commission

Like most other online trading platforms, Ava traders do not charge any fees or commission for the trading done on the platform. However, a fixed but very small amount of money is charged in the form of spread, which usually ranges between 3 and 7 pips.

If you hire a broker to help you distribute or invest your funds in the market, you will have to pay for his or her fees and commission alongside it. This fee is usually a pre decided amount and has no link with the trading platform.

Customer Support feature

A very important thing to consider while selecting a trading system is the strength of its customer support center. As far as Ava trader is concerned, the platform has an excellent support program where you can email, fax, chat or call any time you want. The customer support in available in various different languages including English, Dutch, French, Portuguese etc. and you have the option of contacting them in different ways. You can write to them in an email, chat with them directly or can even call up one of the 36 landline and mobile numbers that have been provided by the company.

Apart from this, the transfer of moneys to the Forex account has also been made very simple so that the traders do not face any difficulty in investing their money. For the transfer of funds, you have the option of money bookers, PayPal, wire transfer, western union etc. – all these methods are safe and ensure that your money is transferred to the destination without a problem.


As a whole AvaFX is a good trading platform that offers you variety in trading platform types as well as the flexibility in payment of the account.  The Forex market as a whole is extremely unregulated, yet the trading platform offers reliability and is therefore a good choice especially for people who are new in the industry and are willing to learn about the markets and how trading is done.
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