Anyoption Review

Binary option trading has become the new in thing with traders these days. We not only see them being advertised online, most novice and experienced traders are talking about binary options every chance they get. Binary Options are derivatives that offer high returns and sizable profits; coupled with the ease of dealing with them, they are a big pull for investors.
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Binary options work in a very simple way. You as an investor, invest in these options knowing full well that either you will receive the value of the underlying asset or you will get a zero return. The advantage of dealing with binary options is then very clear; instead of buying or selling an asset out rightly, you buy the option and speculate the direction in which prices will move. This simple yet profound use of a binary option has made it very famous on the trading floor.

Because of the simplicity of these investment tools, binary options can easily be traded on websites called ‘platforms’. These platforms offer an investor various options for buying, selling or holding of options in varying capacities. One such platform is Anyoption, a binary option trading website that offers tons of services for investors and makes it easy to make profits.

Anyoption Trading Platform

Anyoption is one of the oldest and most reliable binary option trading platforms available. With a solid claim of a 71% profit in the first trade, Anyoption is the first choice in platforms for many investors when they step in the world of binary trade. Most critics believe that this percentage of gain is very conservative, however, it is worthy of notice that Anyoption has distinguished itself from other platforms that work as scams to trap investors by promising a very high return but their claims are flimsy more often than not.

The aim of Anyoption’s trading strategy is to encourage investors to step into the world of financial securities. To make this a competitive edge, this platform offers a 15% return on your investment should you end up being out-of the money at the expiration of your binary option. For instance, if you buy a $100 binary option of XYZ stock, predicting that the stock price will increase at the end of the day, and you end up being out of the money, Anyoption gives you $15 of your investment back.

Features and Services Provided by Anyoption

Anyoption, a binary trade platform provides a number of services, all of which are closely related to buying and selling options. As the name suggests, Anyoption provides investors a choice of dealing with up to 60 different kinds of options such as sharescommodities, indices and foreign exchange currency pairings to name a few.

Apart from this, the answer to the bigger question of how Anyoption helps trade with binary options is another one of its strengths that makes many investors chose it for their investment needs.

Anyoption is one of the few broker platforms that lets investors start by investing as low as $100, considering that novice investors who want to try their luck at this profession may be conservative at the beginning to put in a lot of money. When you browse the internet for information about Anyoption, it will be a commonplace testimonial that the platform is one of the pioneers of binary trading and has made investing in them very simple. All you have to do is plug in a few personal details and click the ‘start trading’ button; and what do you know, you are an investor now.

Ease of Use

Expert analysis reveals that Anyoption works on a ‘web based structure’ that works with the most basic of internet connections. Therefore, Anyoption is usually easily accessed and can be used without additional software downloads. Not only is the structure of the platform appealing, the interface is quite easy to use as well. There is no clutter on the platform, only the basic information an investor needs is given up front together with the steps needed to go through when starting the trading process.

Once you have selected the assets to deal with, the nature and their quantity can be selected by choosing between put or call options. All options provided by Anyoption has varying expiration dates, which is a big plus for most investors because building an investment portfolio with securities of varying expirations is a very smart way to curb losses.

Customer Support feature

The trade representatives at Anyoption are very helpful when it comes to customer service. According to client testimonials, this platform offers genuine customer service with courteous and helpful staff that is ever ready to provide information to investors. When it comes to online binary trading, customer service is a key factor to consider while rating a platform. Anyoption is one of the few platforms that rate very well on this scale. The website provides well-written content and information about the basics of binary trade and explains their working by quoting examples, which shows how helpful the platform wants to be.


Overall, Anyoption has done a good job in making its platform very user friendly, some improvements will make it become an ideal trading floor for binary options. Introducing a quick summary of each asset will be very helpful when investors want a glimpse of how they are faring every hour. This feature can be improved upon because every time you will not want to open each asset’s details to figure out if you are in the money or not. Anyoption can also introduce a number of different accounts such as gold, silver and premium so that investors are given more choices and the horizon of its services is broadened.
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