24Option Review

Launched in 2009, 24Option is one of the most popular binary options trading platforms available. In a very short period after its launch, this brokerage house became a very reputable one that has constantly innovated its way to success. Apart from 37 different assets to deal in, 24Options has many competitive edges that are worth mentioning.
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24Option Trading Platform

Being declared a tier 1 binary broker in various independent reviews, 24Option has a very esteemed presence in the market. One look at the website and you will get the feeling of professionalism that the investors rave about. Not only is it professional, 24Option.com is a member of the Exclusion Broker Listings throughout the internet and has a name that one can trust blindly because over the years, the platform has lived up to its claims and has been very profitable for its clients. By providing top class brokerage services, trading binary options with 24Option.com has become a convenience.

What does 24Option Offer?

The features offered by 24Option are essentially the same as other binary platforms but offer more in terms of innovation and usability. When you open the website, on the home page of the platform is a visual display that highlights the competitive advantages of 24Option. Some of them are:

  • Offers up to 20,000 trading limit in just 60 seconds.
  • The platform has developed applications that work smoothly on tablets and mobiles, thereby giving you the mobility you desire even while working on your binary options.
  • 24/7 customer service is made available with live chats, personal management accounts and VIP access.
  • 24Option lets you deal in a variety of assets, the most famous ones being commodities, indices and foreign exchange.
  • Unlike many other platforms, 24Option has a free education center for you if you feel fuzzy about the intricacies of binary options. Look at the Videos, eBooks and daily market analysis to equip yourself with maximum knowledge about this field.
  • Opening an account with 24Options.com is very easy. The process is simple and not too long that it would tax investors.
  • Assets are arranged from the shortest expiration time to the longest, which is usually the end of a day, to make it easier for investors to browse through them and make quick yet smart decisions.
  • Perhaps the only platform to use real quotes, being on 24Option.com will give you a feeling of being in the stock market while just sitting in front of your computer.
  • It uses innovative ways to do trade such as the ‘one touch’ options where investors can decide with one touch whether the asset will move up or down and the ‘boundary option’ which is an easy 75% profit when an asset value goes beyond its boundary value.

Rating 24Option

In this review, 24Option will be rated on a number of aspects that are the most important when it comes to binary option trading. 24Option’s strengths make it very competitive in the market for investing in derivatives because it has built its features on the needs of its clients.

24Option platform is very user friendly. It has a very unique and distinct look with black, gray and yellow colors, unlike other platforms, so it stands out from other themes, thus raking high on recall. The options available for trading are listed in one menu and every time you open an asset, its availability is updated. Therefore, the platform is easy to navigate and tidy, to say the least, because there is no clutter and every option is located in one position for easy viewing. Giving 24Option 9 out of 10 in this category will be totally justified.

The trading rooms at 24Options are full of charted views of price movements of a number of stocks. Therefore, one of the best features of 24Options is their incredible charting ability. The platform offers very professional graphs with no clutter and all important information available. Significant numbers are highlighted on the charts in a bigger font to make them prominent while avoiding any unnecessary flashing of updates as well.  According to expert analysis, 24Option has the most detailed past analysis of a stock unlike any other binary trading platforms. Because visual cues, graphs and charts are very important when it comes to binary trade, 24Option has a huge strength in this market.

Investors who have traded via this platform know that 24Options has one of the highest returns in the industry. 350% is the highest that has been reported by investors while trading in a variety of options that are riskier than the standard binary options that too pay up to 85% returns which is still above the industry average. These returns have been another one of 24Options unique selling point because they make it stand out over and above other platforms.

Customer Support Features

Customer service at 24Options is exceptional. Your request to withdraw money will be promptly answered just like all other questions regarding various trading options. Service representatives are eager to answer queries and are always courteous no matter what the problem might be. A 10 on 10 is a justifiable score for this category.


24Option is definitely ‘the’ platform to kick-start your investing career. With user-friendly features and a plethora of options available for investing and trading, it aids every investor to become an experienced trader in no time.

A potential bummer for most investors is that 24Option requires a high startup deposit than most other platforms. While some start with as low as USD 5 or even USD 100, 24Option.com requires you to put in $200 altogether in the first go, which may be a hard nut to crack for most investors who want to start up with low capital and are majorly risk averse. Another drawback with 24Option.com is perhaps the high investment per asset. $24 is the minimum that you will have to spend for each asset so if you want to keep it small right now, start with a few investments and follow them closely to get maximum gain.
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